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Alkaline Water

After your cryotherapy session, it is essential to drink a lot of water over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours to help detox the body. There is no better water for this than alkaline water! Alkaline water is a healthier, more efficient hydration.​ Take advantage of a free gallon of alkaline water every time you come in for a cryotherapy session!

Everything is either alkaline or acidic, including us. Our bodies are primarily made up of water. Just like a pool or a hot tub we want to be alkaline. That is because germs, bacteria, viruses thrive in a acidic environment. In addition, so does inflammation, chronic pain, lethargicness and age related diseases such as cancer. Every time you come in for cryotherapy you can also get a gallon of alkaline water complimentary.

Alkaline water is a perfect compliment to cryotherapy and a great aid to your body. Alkaline water has many ideal properties which offer amazing health benefits. Click here to learn more about alkaline water.

​​​​​Extras & Amenities

Lordosis Therapy

Another fantastic ​stretching exercise you're welcome to do every time you come in for cryotherapy is the lordosis neck stretching device. The term lordosis refers to the normal inward lordotic curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine.

Over time, as we get older, we start to lose this natural backwards curve in our necks. This can result in many different imbalances and pain issues throughout the body but especially in our hips, backs and necks. 

In today's society of prolonged periods of time sitting at our desks, cars, looking at our phones, etc. we are losing this natural backwards curve in our necks at an alarming rate resulting in poor posture and a lot of undue stress on our bodies.

​To counteract the negative effects of our habits, lifestyles and progression of time we have our lordosis neck stretching device which helps restore our natural backwards curve in our neck and help correct imbalances throughout the body.

The lordosis neck stretching device utilizes resistance bands (you can choose between three different resistance levels) that the user will then use to apply resistance at their own discretion, helping restore the normal inward lordotic curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine. 

This stretch will help with posture, pain-issues, stress, as well as increase blood flow to your brain!

Traction Therapy Massage Tables

After every cryotherapy session, you can roll out on our traction therapy massage tables. You will be feeling loose and relaxed from the endorphin release as well as up to three times better blood flow that results from cryotherapy. As such, any type of stretching, exercise, or physical therapy will be enhanced.

This is a perfect time to relax on our traction or "roller" tables. Similar to the concept of foam rollers, lay down and let the table do the work! 

Our traction tables will help decompress and elongate the spine, counteracting the effects of gravity and compressing of the spine that happen as we get older.