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​Origins and News

Whole Body Cryotherapy along with Glacial Facials, Cryo Feng Fu and Cryo Spot (localized) Treatments make up our primary, cold therapy services. All of our cold therapy services utilize the basic principles of using cold to help heal and rejuvenate the body providing numerous and significant health, wellness and beauty benefits.

The term "cryotherapy" is derived from the Greek cryo meaning "cold" and therapy meaning "cure".

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) originated in Japan in 1978. Dr. Yamaguchi began freezing sessions for short durations on his patients' skin surface. He soon discovered this provided immediate relief through the rapid decrease of temperature on the outer layer of the skin.

By the 1980's, after continuous tests and studies, Dr. Yamaguchi and his partners concluded that rapid short term freezing of the skin's surface to a temperature around 30 degrees Fahrenheit while inside the cryosauna had a more beneficial effect on the human body than a slower and more gradual cooling process experienced in an ice bath where the lowest temperature capable of being produced is roughly 41 degrees F.

From Japan cryotherapy made it's way to Europe where it was further tested and refined. Numerous studies were done showing the amazing results of cryotherapy. Today, many European Nations have cryotherapy included in their health care plans.

Cryotherapy recently made it's way into the United States where it has quickly made a drastic impact. It has a wide range of benefits that can be categorized into three main categories; beauty and wellness, health and pain management and functionality and performance.

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