Cryo Nation's Core 10

Cryo Nation's Core-10 Wellness

Our Mission

Minimize Inflammation


Inflammation is the silent killer and our primary focus here at Cryo Nation. Whether you're a young athlete putting a lot of physical stress on your body or a senior citizen staying active, inflammation slows down recovery time from different injuries and ailments and is the underlying issue that contributes to many types of chronic conditions, diseases and a variety of pain, skin, sleep, energy issues and more. 

We combat inflammation with a variety of different cold services offered here at Cryo Nation. Whether you are doing Whole-Body Cryotherapy, Cryo Spot Treatments (localized Cryo treatments), or our Cryo Glacial Facials, the primary purpose of all our different cold services is to minimize inflammation which will leave you feeling better and have your body running more efficiently!

Be Alkaline, Not Acidic

Everything from our pools to our bodies are either acidic or alkaline. We as humans, want to be alkaline. Chronic pain, inflammation, germs, bacteria, viruses, lethargy, age related diseases such as joint pain, arthritis and cancer thrive in an acidic environment. Many foods, drinks and just going throughout our daily routines can result in acidity levels building up to unhealthy levels. There are different ways to combat acidity levels from consuming alkaline food and drinks, to putting lemon in water, to even home-remedies such as rinsing your mouth with baking soda (extremely alkaline) which is then absorbed through the gums and the rest of the body.

Another fantastic way to combat high acidity levels is alkaline water. We have water ionizers that separate the alkaline water from the acidic through a natural electrolysis process that also filters the water, enriches it with oxygen and antioxidants and shrinks down the cluster sizes that make up water making it more hydrating as well which aides with skin conditions and fat-loss. Cryo Nation members receive 1 gallon of alkaline water complementary with any of our cold services or many customers take advantage of our very competitive pricing on our freshly produced alkaline water. 

Stay Hydrated

Approximately 70% of the body is made up of water, so it makes sense that fluids are vital for the majority of our bodily functions. Adequate hydration helps protect our joints, maintains vital organ function, transports oxygen to cells and sustains proper body temperature and much more.

Chronic dehydration is widespread in America-most people fail to drink enough water in order to stay adequately hydrated. At a minimum, you want to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. For example, a 150 pound person should consume at least 75 ounces of water every day. 

Our alkaline water helps with making us more alkaline but it is also more efficient hydration to ensure we stay hydrated. By shrinking down the cluster sizes that make up water, we are much more efficiently able to absorb alkaline water on a cellular level. We have many customers who come in just for our amazing water produced fresh from our top of the line, award winning water ionizer!

Stay Aligned

What happens when a buildings foundation and structure is faulty? The building slowly starts to fall apart until it collapses under its own stress-our bodies are no different. Alignment is so crucial to our wellness and functionality. Stretching, yoga and getting adjusted are all ways of improving and maintaining good alignment.

We have multiple different tools to help you stay aligned. Our InBody Analyzer (which is included in our packages and memberships) can help identify imbalances in the body. Beyond that, we also have our Lordosis neck stretching device that helps restore the natural backwards curve we have in our necks, our traction tables which help decompress and elongate the spine and we share our office with one of the best, most highly regarded chiropractors, Dr. Brown, in the state of Texas.

Stay Active

If you don't use it, you lose it! While ideally exercise, stretching and a variety of physical activities is part of your weekly routine, at the very least, we encourage all of our customers to stay in constant motion as walking is the most basic form of exercise and also the most important.

We will create a baseline test with our InBody Analyzer to objectively and tangibly have a better idea of where your body's composition is at when you first start at Cryo Nation. Regardless of what your status is when you come to us, we will help you develop a plan that fits your life and your schedule and helps you reach your health goals. Cryotherapy is a great tool to help jump start your progress and prime your body for any type of physical activity but beyond that we also have many other additional services and products such as our Garmin smart watches, nutritional supplements and more to help get you going!

Fuel Your Body with Good Nutrition

You wouldn't put standard 87 fuel in your premium sports car so why would you fuel your body with poor nutrition? If you do everything else except eat right, your body's performance will suffer dramatically and you will not get the results you desire. This can result in low energy levels, obesity, blood pressure issues, diabetes and many other diseases and health issues. When we finally acknowledge that we need to make a change, we turn to diets and fads that are often unhealthy, unsustainable and usually result in one step forward for two steps backwards. We will tell you how to make minor tweaks that are sustainable and over time make a dramatic difference on your overall health, wellness and waistline!

Our Inbody analyzer will give us a black and white look at where you are at when you first start coming to us and also allow us to give you valuable feedback on many different outputs the InBody measures. One of those outputs, is your basal metabolic rate, which will help us guide you on what type of calorie intake you need to gain muscle, lose fat, sustain your current weight, etc. We also have a variety of nutritional products that will also aid in whatever changes you want to make!

Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is vital to good health and our well being yet over 60% of Americans report trouble sleeping multiple times per week according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). ​A number of physical problems can interfere with your ability to fall or stay asleep. For example, arthritis and other conditions that cause pain such as backache, or discomfort can make it difficult to sleep well. The immune system, cardiovascular issues, depression, obesity and other unhealthy conditions can also contribute to sleep disorders.

Many of our customers report sleeping much better with cryotherapy as cryotherapy has shown to help with many of the above issues related to sleep disorders. In fact many of our different services including our cryo Feng Fu, oxygen aroma therapy, vitamin B-12 shots, ozone therapy, cryo spot treatments directly help with some of the above mentioned conditions.

Whenever you can, say no to Drugs and Medication 

At Cryo Nation we like to say drugs are a more comfortable way of entering the grave at an early age. Sometimes medication may be the only choice but our goal at Cryo Nation is to keep you proactively healthy and minimize the need for medication and trips to the doctor. Prescribed drugs directly results in thousands of deaths every year and even more hospitalizations.

​This directly ties into our motto at Cryo Nation stated by Thomas Edison, "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  Every good and service we offer at Cryo Nation is based around this timeless quote.

Develop a Healthy, Fun Routine made for YOU

​There are usually many different means to an end for anything we do in life. The same holds true for leading a healthy lifestyle. There is not one nutrition plan, one type of exercise, or one type of healthy lifestyle that works for everyone-the trick is finding what works for you. If we are only focused on getting where we want to end up and not how we will get there, we will rarely reach our destination. Coming up with a plan that you can execute is crucial, otherwise you will get bored, frustrated and give up.

Our mission is to help you lead a healthier, better life utilizing our technology and combining it with the basic fundamentals of good health customized to you and your life. All change is difficult but we try to make it as easy as possible for you by helping you develop a routine that will be enjoyable, realistic, sustainable and most importantly, get you the results you desire! Being able to see where you are starting off, track your progress and see your improvement with our InBody Analyzer that is included complementary in our packages and memberships will help motivate you!

Keep it Simple, Be Joyful

Too often we are overly focused on getting to the end result that we look for short cuts and extremes to help us get there instead of relying on tried and trued principals proven to work. When these extremes don't pay off we become easily discouraged and give up, settling for a life of compromise. At Cryo Nation we don't do "diets" or other fads that are usually one step forward for two steps backwards and ultimately doesn't bring us any closer to where we want to be. Very rarely is the solution to our problems to totally "blow up" and make drastic changes to what we are currently doing. Generally long term success is achieved by making minor tweaks to what we are already doing and for 99.9% of our customers, that principal will hold true in regards to their health.

We are very upfront with our customers and tell them don't use our amazing services as a substitute for good nutrition, basic exercise and a healthy routine as you will not get the the results you otherwise would and will likely end up being disappointed. Instead, we encourage our customers to use our services in conjunction with good nutrition, basic exercise and a healthy routine (which we will help you develop if you need any guidance) to accelerate your results in a healthy and sustainable manner getting you results, making you look, live and feel better and helping you be more joyful!

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"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."         -Thomas Edison- 

We are the doctors of the future and our future is now!

Our Mission is to help as many people Live Better by providing an alternative Wellness approach. We as a society have become too quick to turn to Medicine and Drugs for the Answer. At Cryo Nation, we aren't against the Doctors-we are against Additional, Unnecessary, Expensive trips to the Doctor.

We understand and appreciate the body's Ability to Self-Heal. Instead of interfering with it, we enhance it with our award-winning program based on our Core 10 Principles of Wellness.

  1. Minimize Inflammation
  2. Be Alkaline, Not Acidic
  3. Stay Hydrated
  4. Stay Aligned
  5. Stay Active
  6. Fuel your Body with Good Nutrition
  7. Get Quality Sleep
  8. Whenever you can, avoid Drugs and Medication 
  9. Develop a Healthy, Fun Routine made for YOU​ 
  10. Keep it Simple, Be Joyful